Inpatient Rehab in Rosebud, SD

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rosebud, SD

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Here is a list of all in-patient addiction treatment centers in Rosebud, SD. This list consists of Rosebud inpatient drugs rehabilitation, in addition to inpatient alcohol rehab centers in Rosebud, South Dakota which offer residential alcohol and drug use treatment services to those in need. Call 855-786-9798 to receive instant help with inpatient addiction treatment.

Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Rosebud Sioux Tribe is an inpatient addiction treatment center situated in Rosebud, South Dakota.

Location: 719 Hospital Lane, P.O. Box 430, Rosebud, SD 57570 in Todd County

Included treatment:

  • Inpatient detox services
  • Payment assistance
  • Inpatient opioid detox and methamphetamines detox
  • Residential detoxification, outpatient treatment and regular outpatient treatment
  • Adult women, adult men and seniors and older adults
  • Accepts Federal funding
(855) 786-9798

Anpetu Luta Otipi/kyle Campus Comprehensive Substance Abuse Program - 69.1 miles from Rosebud, SD

Anpetu Luta Otipi/kyle Campus Comprehensive Substance Abuse Program is a residential rehab center located in Kyle, SD.

Location: Highway 25, Kyle, SD 57752 in Oglala Lakota County

69.1 miles away from Rosebud

Included treatment:

  • Adult women, teen rehab and rehab for adult men
  • Accepts IHS/Tribal/Urban funds
  • 30 day inpatient rehab, residential detoxification and regular outpatient treatment
  • Residential treatment for substance use
  • Cocaine detoxification, residential benzodiazepines detoxification and inpatient opioid detox
  • Payment assistance
(866) 448-4587