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There are many prescription drugs that a patient can become addicted to. This type of addiction is a challenging obsession for people to overcome and many of those who prescription drug addiction will need assistance from an inpatient prescription drug rehab program to make sure that they are able to overcome their destructive habits.

Medication is available to make sure people can handle some of their illnesses and ailments. Many will be given medications that their doctor will prescribe to them. But many prescription medications can be addicting and it is common for patients to become addicted to the drug, making them dependent on it and not able to stop. It is estimated that close to 20% of the American population will use a prescription drug for some nonmedical reason.

While any prescription drug can be used and abused, the two classes of drugs that are the most common culprits are anti-anxiety drugs or painkillers. When the patient starts to abuse their prescription drugs, this will lead to an addiction and it will be really hard for them to end it without the right inpatient prescription drug treatment program.

What is Inpatient Prescription Drug Rehab?

When a patient has become addicted to a prescription drug, it is easy to form a dependency on the drug and they can find it very difficult to live life without it. When that person uses the drug for a long period of time, the body is able to operate well while on the drug and if they stop taking it, the body ends up dealing with withdrawal, which can be painful and harmful.

There are a number of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that will happen with prescription drugs. These include cold sweats, headaches, muscle aches, anxiety, mood swings, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramping, and insomnia. These are often very hard for the patient to go through on their own.

This is where a prescription drug inpatient facility can be useful. They will provide the right resources, medication, and doctors who can help them go through the withdrawal process. Since many prescription drug addictions start by the patient taking a drug their doctor actually gave them, they may have been on that medication for a long time. This can make the withdrawal symptoms even harder. The detox process is necessary before the patient can begin the rest of their treatment.

Inpatient prescription drug programs will not only help the patient go through withdrawal to get the medication out of the system, but the patients will also be able to receive therapy sessions (both individual and group), medical supervision, daily activities, and support all of the time. At these rehab centers, someone who is dealing with a prescription drug addiction is able to talk to others about their stress and hardships and get some of the help they need, without feeling judged for the problem.

There are numerous benefits to this. First, the inpatient facility allows the patient to leave the past environment that often made them become a drug addict in the first place. The second is that these residential programs will allow the patient to be around others who are going through the same struggles and strife, giving them an outlet around others who are understanding.

There are many different inpatient prescription drug rehab centers available to a patient throughout the country. While they may offer different services and amenities, they all work to help the patient come clean after the addiction. Each patient will need to do some research on the programs available and decide which one feels comfortable and will help them handle their prescription drug addiction.

Specialized Treatments for Prescription Drug Addiction

If you are looking for a residential prescription drug rehab center, you need to make sure that you are able to get the right types of treatments that will help you go through withdrawal and fight the addiction so you can go back to your normal life. While many will help you safely withdraw from the medication, there are a number of different types of treatment that you can use including:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This is a common method that is used for substance abuse of all kinds, including heroin addiction, cocaine addiction and prescription drugs. This type of therapy is meant to help the patient understand the root cause of their behaviors and thoughts that drive them to abuse the drugs. This can help them recognize some of their triggers and will ensure that they will be able to avoid problems later on.

With the help of this treatment plan, the patient will need to focus more on their own life and then come up with some of the best ways to change and improve it. The principle behind using this therapy is that change is going to start internally before it can manifest externally. CBT is going to help the patient to understand the addiction and will ensure that they can develop the right resilience and ability to cope with anything negative, giving them a chance to heal.

Holistic Therapies

Inpatient prescription drug rehab centers will often have some holistic therapies present as well. Often part of more luxury inpatient treatment programs, these are treatments that will focus on the whole person, including their mind, body, and spirit. For the patient to get the physical healing that they need, they need to be well emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This will help the medical professionals work on a variety of spheres for the patient so they are going to do well when they help them get the right treatment.

What Happens During In-patient Prescription Drug Rehab?

As you get prepared for your new adventure with fighting your prescription drug addiction, it is normal to be curious what is going to happen when you attend the facility. The patient will need to choose to go through the rehabilitation. The residential programs are often the most effective because they offer the most comprehensive services and allow the patient to completely relearn their habits and can get out of the negative environment that has caused the addiction.

An inpatient rehab center for prescription drugs will work the best for those who are not be able to reach recovery without close supervision to help them through the dependence. The patient can choose to go with an inpatient drug rehab that is near their home or go with one in another city or state. Many who choose to go out of state for their treatment will do this to help them escape from the routines and people who they worry will drag them down.

When the patient is in their prescription drug inpatient rehab, they will be under medical supervision by a professional all the time. This helps increase the chance that the patient will recover. Often the procedure will start with an admissions process. This can take some time, but allows the staff to understand more about the patient, which drugs they are addicted to, and how bad the situation is.
When the admissions process is done, the medical staff will be able to make a customized plan for the patient. This will ensure that the patient is going to get the best treatment and will have the best chance as recovering from the addiction.

Many programs will start with a detox process to flush out the medication and help the body go through withdrawal. There is no hope for help from the treatment if the patient is still taking the drugs. Residential prescription drug treatment centers will be a good place to go through this withdrawal. It will help the patient to have medical professionals there to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

In addition to going through the withdrawal process, the inpatient facility is going to provide the help and care that the patient needs to overcome their prescription drug addiction. This can include meetings with a psychiatrist, usually at least one time a week. This is important to help the staff monitor the progress of the patient. The patient will also meet with some of the other patients at the facility, many of whom are going through similar challenges, to get some of the support and help that they need.

Most residential facilities for prescription drug addiction will have various recreational facilities that the patient will be able to participate in. These rehabs can give the patient a way to relax and let go of some of the stress that they have after dealing with treatment. It can also be a good way to make sure the patient learns new hobbies they can rely on when they leave the facility.

The support from these inpatient drug rehab facilities will follow the patient when they leave. The goal is to help give the patient the tools and understanding that they need to handle their addiction and eventually re-enter society. With help enhancing skills, employment help, finding housing, and more, the patient will be able to resume a normal life when they leave the facility.

What are the Benefits of an Inpatient Prescription Drug Rehab Facility?

There are a number of benefits to using an inpatient rehab center to help handle some of the issues that come with a prescription drug addiction and helping the patient get over it. Some of the benefits of this type of facility include:

How Long Will the Treatment Last?

The amount of time that the patient will spend in a prescription drug residential treatment center will depend on the patient. The longer they have gone through the addiction and the type of medication they are on will matter. And if they are taking more than one medication at a time or are addicted to several substances, they may need to stay at the treatment center for longer or may require dual diagnosis treatment.

Prescription drugs will be hard to overcome due to their strength and how they work through the brain. It is best to find a facility has a treatment program that lasts at least 30 days long to make sure you get the treatment that you need. Many of these will include the outpatient option to provide some additional treatment to the patient.

The longer the patient can stay at the inpatient treatment center, the better for their overall recovery. This longer time will ensure that you are able to get the treatment you need and can make it more likely that you will not relapse. Going for at least 90 days is a good option to get the most benefits.

Choosing an Inpatient Prescription Drug Rehab Center

If you are addicted to a prescription drug, dealing with the addiction can be hard and you may feel like you are all on your own. It is much better to work with a residential rehab center to provide you with support and to help you get done with the addiction as soon as possible. With a successful inpatient prescription drug rehab center, you will be able to take control over your addiction and reclaim your life again.