About Us | Inpatient-Rehab.org

Inpatient-Rehab.org is a website that is determined to help everyone who is need for residential drug and alcohol treatment. You may ask – why inpatient? Because we believe that an inpatient rehab center has the best chance to help you become completely sober for life.

We know very well how difficult drug and alcohol addictions are to cure. For this reason, we curated a nationwide directory of inpatient rehab centers that will help you live the life you so want and deserve to live, without drugs, and without alcohol.

What makes us special?

We’d like to think that everyone is special in their own way. What makes our service special is the love and care we’ve put into making our listings as helpful as possible. We not only try to show all inpatient rehabs by your preferred location, but we also display options that are within a reasonable driving distance, helping you make the choice as to which inpatient rehabilitation center works best for you.

Our mission:

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to get addiction treatment. We are here to help you start your journey to sobriety, and we’re also available to answer questions along the way. Should you need assistance from us, please contact us so we can help you further.