Inpatient Rehab in Delaware

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Delaware

Delaware inpatient rehab centers. This page provides a list of Delaware inpatient drug rehab centers, as well as inpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers within Delaware. Find residential, inpatient rehabs near you.

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Delaware Inpatient Addiction Treatment

If you live in the state of Delaware and are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, then a Delaware inpatient rehab center may be one of the best ways to handle the addiction and regain your overall health. No matter what type of addiction you are dealing with, whether alcohol or drug addiction, these inpatient rehab centers can provide some of the relief that the patient needs from their addiction.

Inpatient facilities are often seen as the most effective way for men, women, and teens to handle their addiction. While outpatient facilities provide some of the same therapy and services, the patient is allowed to go to work and home at the end of the day. They will only spend a few hours a day at the facility working on their addiction and getting better. This leaves them wide open to temptation and other issues with the addiction for the majority of the day.

This is not the case with inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. During the treatment, the patient will move into the facility. They will be able to focus solely on the addiction, not leaving for meals or at the end of the day. There are medical professionals available all the time to provide the patient with the care and attention that they need. The patient is also removed from any potential triggers and issues along the way, allowing the patient a way to finally put their addiction behind them in a safe and effective way. With the right residential drug rehab in Delaware, the patient can finally get healthy and regain their lives again.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab for Men in Delaware

Men and women are going to have different reactions to their addictions and some of the problems that come from misusing drugs and alcohol. While a traditional residential rehab is able to provide a lot of the relief that men and women will need for their addiction, for some patients, looking for a specialized type of care that is designed for their gender and some of the specific issues that show up with their addiction can make a big difference. That is why Delaware will offer inpatient rehab for men and women.

For some men, having a Delaware inpatient rehab for men is one of the best options to provide them with the relief that they are looking for. With the right treatment center, men can work through some of the unique issues that caused their addiction in the first place, focusing on their triggers, their negative coping techniques, and some of the different issues that caused them to handle the addiction in the first place.

These inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers for men in Delaware will provide them with some of the therapy, detox, and support groups that they need in order to improve their lives after an addiction. No matter the substance that the patient is dealing with, they will be able to work with a medical professional and be under constant supervision to help them get over the addiction and get healthy. For some men, having the company of other men in the same situation can be the best way to facilitate the healing that they need.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab for Women in Delaware

There are also facilities available to provide inpatient alcohol and drug rehab for women in Delaware. While traditional facilities are able to help both men and women, some women will find more comfort in a facility that can cater to just women. Whether they focus better around other women or have undergone additional trauma and abuse during their lives from men, it may be best for some women to focus on finding a good treatment facility that will provide care to just women.

These facilities will provide some of the same benefits and features that you can find at a traditional residential alcohol rehab for women in the state of Delaware. They will go through the admittance process, spend time going through a detox to help eliminate the substance from the body, and work through therapy. The only difference is that all of the other patients will be women and the medical staff is there to help the patient to work through how addiction affects women in particular.

These treatment facilities for women may also focus on helping the patient to deal with any past trauma and issues that caused the addiction in the first place. This will give the patient a bit more of the care that they need and can handle all parts of the addiction, rather than just the surface issues. The patient can work through some of these issues in therapy, getting the necessary support that they need along the way.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab for Teenagers in Delaware

The rising rate of alcohol and drug abuse for teenagers in the state of Delaware and other parts of the country is staggering. Many teenagers are falling to the pressure of others in their age group and may try out alcohol or another substance during a party to appear cool or because their friends try to get them to give it a try. Due to the young and developing mind of the teenager, these experiments can turn out very addictive and the teen may struggle with addiction and not be able to fight if off on their own.

Inpatient alcohol and drug rehab for teenagers in Delaware will be able to provide some of the relief that those in this age group will need for their addiction. These facilities can work through some of the unique issues that teenagers will face when going through withdrawal and handling the addiction, as well as understanding some of the triggers that got the teenager into the substance abuse in the first place.
These facilities may also provide additional activities for the patients, showing them more productive ways to use their time and energy and getting them started on a new hobby for the first time in their lives. Many patients will also be given help with schoolwork and their studies while at the facility. This allows them to keep up with school and not fall behind, especially if they need to spend a few months at rehab.

What Addictions Can Be Treated at Residential Rehab in Delaware?

Many different types of addictions are treated at residential drug and alcohol rehab in the state of Delaware. There are facilities available to help with all types of addictions, no matter the substance that is being used, if more than one substance is used at the same time, or how long the resident is using the substance too.

Patients who are taking an illegal substance will receive relief when it comes to attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Delaware. Medical professionals are there to provide some relief for the patient, helping them to handle the addiction, go through the detox, and learn safer ways to cope with stress and cravings along the way when they leave the facility.

Some patients get addicted to legal substances. Marijuana and other similar drugs are legal in some states, but can still cause an addiction and make the patient reliant on them to function in daily life. Whether the patient has been using the substance legally in their state or not, an inpatient drug rehab center will be able to help them through the detox process to make sure that they are able to get some relief.

Another issue comes with prescription medications. Patients may start using a drug under the supervision of their doctor to help handle a medical condition. In the process, the patient starts to take it too often, for too long, or in doses that are too high. The patient can become addicted to these prescription medications and have some of the similar symptoms that they do with other addictive substances. Inpatient drug rehab centers are able to help the patient handle the addiction and even provide the patient with a non-habit forming drug to condition aiding in the original medical condition.

What Is the Average Cost for Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Delaware?

The average cost for a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Delaware will cost about $19,000 for a 30-day stay. There are many factors that will determine how much the final cost of this facility will be for the patient. Insurance often helps to provide some of the coverage, which helps to keep the costs down to a minimum.

There are different factors that will determine how much alcohol and drug treatment can be in Delaware. First, the length of time that the patient stays in the rehab center will make a difference. Most patients will be able to choose between 30, 60, and 90-day treatment centers. For severe addictions, the longer treatment times are often the best, providing the patient with more individualized time that will help them to get better and handle their addiction. Shorter treatment times can help for a mild condition. The longer the patient is in treatment, the more the overall costs will be.

The amenities that the patient wants in the facility, whether they choose a luxury rehab center or a traditional facility, the location of the facility, and the exact type of addiction they are dealing with can all factor into the final cost of the rehab that the patient needs. Many who have a dual diagnosis, which is when they suffer from two or more substance addictions or a substance addiction and a mental health disorder, will often need to pay more for longer detox times and additional services to help with both conditions.

The patient will need to discuss their treatment with the medical team before getting started. They can learn more about their specific treatment plan and see what will happen while they are in the treatment center. They can also compare the different prices to figure out what is going to be the best for them.

Which Insurance Providers Help Cover the Costs of Residential Rehab in Delaware?

Residents of Delaware will be able to enjoy quite a bit of help when it comes to the insurance that will help them to get help at a rehab center in the state. They can look at many private, public, and group insurance policies based on what is offered in their state. The patient will need to take a look at what policy they have and the amount of coverage that is provided to the patient at the time.

Many insurance policies will cover a good portion of the treatment. This will depend on the premium that the patient pays and how much coverage they request. They should check with the rehab facility to see whether their insurance is accepted there and then figure out how much is covered ahead of time. Options like Aetna Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield will provide coverage at most of the different facilities in the state.

For lower income patients, there are a few options available to ensure that they can get the type of care that they need. If the patient does not have insurance, most of the inpatient rehab centers in Delaware will provide a sliding scale of fees to help them still get care based on their income. Patients who have Medicaid can look for state funded inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers in Delaware to find which ones are able to take this kind of insurance for them.

Choosing the Best Residential Drug and Alcohol Detox in Delaware

When it comes to fighting off an addiction in Delaware from drug or alcohol abuse, the patient will benefit from the individualized attention and supervision in order to get through the addiction. A residential rehab is going to provide some of the best results in the process. No matter how long the patient decides to stay in rehab, they will find that the inpatient drug and alcohol detox in Delaware is one of the best ways to handle the detox and get their lives back on track.

20 Inpatient Rehab Centers in Delaware

Uhs Of Dover Llc - Dover, DE

Uhs Of Dover Llc is an inpatient alcohol and drug rehab located in Dover, DE.

Location: 725 Horsepond Road, Dover, DE 19901 in Kent County

Treatment included:

  • Rehab for adult women and adult men
  • Outpatient detox services, outpatient day treatment and outpatient treatment
  • Accepts cash or self-payment
  • Cocaine detox, inpatient opioid detoxification and methamphetamines detox
  • Residential treatment for substance abuse

24/7 help with treatment

(855) 786-9798
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Gaudenzia Inc New Journey - Ellendale, DE

Gaudenzia Inc New Journey is a residential rehab center situated in Ellendale, DE.

Location: 18514 Pentecostal Street, Ellendale, DE 19941 in Sussex County

Treatment included:

  • Long-term rehab and residential addiction treatment
  • Inpatient treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders
  • Rehab for adult women, adult men and dual diagnosis treatment
  • Accepts Medicare

24/7 help with treatment

(866) 448-4587
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Connections Csp Inc Womens Residential Treatment Center - Wilmington, DE

Connections Csp Inc Womens Residential Treatment Center is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Location: 1121 Brandywine Street, Wilmington, DE 19802 in New Castle County

Treatment included:

  • Rehab for adult women, dual diagnosis treatment and judicial clients
  • Accepts Medicaid
  • Transitional and sober living
  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment, 30 day inpatient rehab and residential rehab

24/7 help with treatment

(844) 210-5504
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Connections Csp Inc Mens Residential Treatment Program - Harrington, DE

Connections Csp Inc Mens Residential Treatment Program is an inpatient rehab located in Harrington, Delaware.

Location: 1-11 East Street, Harrington, DE 19952 in Kent County

Treatment included:

  • Long-term rehab and long-term residential treatment
  • Judicial clients, people with trauma and adult men
  • Inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis
  • Accepts Medicaid

24/7 help with treatment

(855) 786-9798
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Northeast Treatment Centers Kirkwood Recovery Center - Wilmington, DE

Northeast Treatment Centers Kirkwood Recovery Center is a residential rehab center located in Wilmington, DE.

Location: 3315 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE 19808 in New Castle County

Treatment included:

  • Accepts state health insurance
  • Inpatient opioid detox, residential benzodiazepines detox and inpatient alcohol detox
  • Payment assistance
  • Outpatient rehabilitation, intensive outpatient treatment services and outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment
  • Residential substance use treatment

24/7 help with treatment

(866) 448-4587
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Call (844) 210-5504 to get 24/7 help with treatment.

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